Ergonomics & 61010-1

With the publication of the 3rd edition of IEC61010-1, and subsequent issuing of harmonized standards UL/CSA61010-1 and EN61010-1, the term “Ergonomics” became an integral part

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CE Documentation

In the process of preparing for and verifying CE compliance for a product, there is a considerable amount of documentation that must be generated and

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UL vs. CE

CE ≠ Product Safety: A CE mark on a product can mean many different things = which means that if you see a CE mark

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What is a CE Mark?

The CE mark on a product indicates that the product meets European Union (EU) compliance requirements. Most products are required to bear the CE Mark

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Understanding the Impact Test

Impact Testing, more appropriately titled “Enclosure” Impact Testing, involves striking theproduct’s enclosure with a defined object at a specified impact energy. Impact Testing requirements take

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Listed vs. Classified

The Product Certification system within the United States is referred to as the NRTL program (NationallyRecognized Testing Laboratory). Under US Federal Law, OSHA accredits NRTL’s

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Product Safety and IoT

General: Products categorized as “IoT” (Internet of Things) consist of two main elements An “Appliance”, which is the smart device and The “App”, which is the

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CE on a Custom Product

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in the EU for custom products. In the United States and Canada, there is a “Field Labeling” program that provides

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Field Labeling vs Listings

Listing: A product safety certification project in the United States is referred to as a “Listing”evaluation, with a compliant product referred to as a “Listed”

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Steps to CE

Many CE Mark Directives permit a manufacture to self-declare compliance. “Self declaration” means that YOU decide when you are authorized to apply the CE mark.

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UL Readiness Test

Are you really ready for UL?  Over 95% of all UL Certification projects end in FAILURE! Are you really ready for UL?  UL Failures: Honestly,

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