Are you really ready for UL? 

Over 95% of all UL Certification projects end in FAILURE!
Are you really ready for UL? 

UL Failures: Honestly, it’s not UL’s fault. Most companies simply are not properly prepared when submitting their product to UL. There is a lot more to it than using UL certified components. Take the UL Readiness Test to determine if you are ready: 

  UL Readiness Test 

  • Do you know what UL standard(s) apply to your products?
  • Do you own the current edition of these UL standards?
  • Do your design engineers know the requirements in the UL standards?
  • Are you really ready? 

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you are not ready for UL. 

  Non-Compliance Results: 

  • Do you know what happens when your product doesn’t comply? You get a “Non-Compliance Report” that simply lists the problems. 
  • Do you know what happens next? After you redesign the product, you have to report your changes and go through the UL project again – more time and money…… and then hope that you don’t get another “Non-Compliance Report”. 

  A Better Way: 

  • A pre-compliance review by a Senior Compliance Engineer is a quick, easy way to determine where you stand. And a lot less expensive than failing the official project. Save time, money, and aggravation. Why would you do it any other way? 

A preliminary review can go a long way towards compliance.
CertifiGroup staff include former Senior UL Engineers who KNOW the right way. 
In as little as 1 week, you can know too. 

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