The Product Certification system within the United States is referred to as the NRTL program (NationallyRecognized Testing Laboratory). Under US Federal Law, OSHA accredits NRTL’s within the United States.
Current accredited NRTL’s include Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA),
Intertek (ETL), MET Laboratories (MET), and TUV.

Each NRTL has a list of standards under their accreditation. OSHA must first identify a standard as a
candidate for NRTL accreditation. Once a standard is listed as a NRTL candidate standard, each NRTL may
apply to include the standard within their accreditation. Some NRTL’s have many standards listed under their
NRTL accreditation while other NRTL’s have as few as one standard.

Standards not approved under OSHA’s NRTL program, are not eligible for NRTL Listing in the United States.
For standards not permitted under OSHA’s NRTL program, the NRTL certification lab may issue a “Non-
NRTL” Listing. These non-NRTL listings are often referred to as “Classifications”. A “Classification” is a
product listing to a standard that is not on the OSHA NRTL approved standards list.

Acceptance of all product certifications is determined by the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). The
AHJ looks to insure that the certified product is installed and used within its ratings and intended environment.
The AHJ will typically accept Classifications issued by US-OSHA accredited NRTL’s for standards that are
not on the OSHA NRTL standards list, since there can be no OSHA NRTL accredited labs for standards that
are not on the OSHA standards list.

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