Compliance Assistance

With Eurofins CertifiGroup, design assistance is a quick and cost-effective process.

Expert Design Assistance

Do you know what Standards apply to your products? We do and we can help you get your design compliant.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Free one hour consultation with one of our compliance experts because we know that once you get to know us, you’ll trust Eurofins CertifiGroup with all of your certification needs.


Consulting to all product safety standards for US, Canadian, European Union, and all International country requirements.

Are you really ready for UL/CSA/CE? Before you jump into a UL, CSA, CE or similar product certification process, you should ask yourself: are you really ready? The fact is that 90% of all new product certification projects end in FAILURE, followed by redesign, retest, delays, and cost increases. Having a Eurofins CertifiGroup Senior Compliance Engineer conduct a pre-review will save you an incredible amount of time and money – it absolutely pays for itself. Take the test below to determine if you are ready for UL, CSA, or CE.

The best way to ensure a safety standard compliant product is to get it right in the design phase. Even large corporations with knowledgeable staff regularly seek outside assistance from the product safety experts at Eurofins CertifiGroup. If you don’t have a designer or design staff trained in product safety, you might be rolling the dice right from the drawing board. You need to make sure your product design is problem-free from the beginning. With our company, design assistance is a quick and cost-effective process. Catching potential problems in the design phase can save you tens of thousands of dollars and help avoid time-to-market delays.