Venture Capitalists & Angels – Hardware Compliance Reviews

Avoid Disaster! Make sure your investments are compliant!

Product Compliance & Compliance Management

We can assess your potential investment and tell you where they stand with respect to North American & International compliance. Don’t be fooled, it’s not easy!

Don't Miss Milestones!

A new venture whose product does not comply with UL, CSA, CE, etc. will miss it’s milestones! We can make sure that doesn’t happen.

They Don't Know It!

It doesn’t matter what early stage company you are talking to, they don’t know compliance. We do! Don’t make a big mistake – call Eurofins CertifiGroup!

Is your venture prepared for regulatory compliance? If your product does not have the UL, CSA, or CE mark, you can forget selling in the USA, Canada, or the 28 countries that make up the EU. Save yourself millions and include Eurofins CertifiGroup in your due diligence process. We can save you from bad investments and help ensure your good investments reach their product release milestones. Request your free pocket copy of “The Milestone Buster Test” now.

#1 Reason for missed milestones?

  • Regulatory Compliance Problems
  • Pre-Investment Compliance Reviews
  • Post-Investment Compliance Management
  • Patent Compliance Evaluations
  • Product Test & Certification Lab
  • Foreign Market Entry – CE, IEC, ISO

Meet your milestones – contact Eurofins CertifiGroup today!