Let Eurofins CertifiGroup show you how easy SEMI compliance can be.

Indoor Facility

Largest Indoor Ingress Protection Test Lab in North America. Indoor testing is critical for proper test methods.

Fast Results

Test Results in 7-10 days. Expedited Services also Available.

All IP Ratings!

IP Testing Services from IP1X-6X & IPX1-X9K.

The requirements for compliance to SEMI S2 including S8 and S14 are now common stipulations in purchase orders and engineering specifications. SEMI compliance is best demonstrated through a detailed SEMI S2 report. Let Eurofins CertifiGroup show you how easy SEMI compliance can be!


Our engineers are certified per SEMI S7 evaluation requirements. Our team represents 100 years of combined experiences. Eurofins CertfiGroup’s SEMI mark gives buyers, inspectors, and workplace regulatory experts the assurance of a well-designed and safe product.

S1 - Symbols & Warnings
S2 - Safety guidelines for all manufacturing equipment
S3 - Heated chemical baths
S4 - Separation of chemical cylinders in dispensing cabinets
S5 - Sizing and identifying flow limiting devices
S6 - Ventilation
S7 - Environmental safety & health evaluations
S8 - Ergonomics
S9 - Test methods
S10 - Risk assessment & risk evaluation
S11 - Environmental safety & health guidelines for mini-environments
S12 - Guidelines for equipment decontamination
S13 - Guidelines for operation & maintenance manuals
S13 - Safety guidelines for fire risk assessment & evaluation