Your Testing Options with CertifiGroup

May 11, 2020

Your Testing Options with CertifiGroup

While the progressing COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges, CertifiGroup is prepared and ready to adapt practices that continue to keep the best interests of our employees, customers, and community as the top priority in our processes and decision making.

Currently, our laboratories are open and operating under adjusted health and safety practices to ensure our staff and customers comfort and peace of mind. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings, social distancing is practiced by all employees, and employees are being advised to stay home if they feel ill in any way. All measures being taken are in accordance with the current guidelines and recommendations communicated by the Government in recent weeks.

CertifiGroup is offering three options currently to our customers:


1) Fully Unwitnessed Testing

This is a service that is already offered to customers and has been a staple of CertifiGroup for many years.

You can ship your product to our laboratory to be tested. We will supply you with a test schedule, perform the test, provide updates on test progression, and contact you immediately once the product passes or fails.


2) Remotely Witnessed Testing

Customers will be able to witness testing remotely via a video-link and receive regular updates. This option requires shipment of the product to our laboratory but allows for customers to follow along as their product is tested.


3) Initially Witnessed Testing

Customers will physically come to our laboratory location to set up and demonstrate how their product operates. All guidelines put forth by the Government regarding social distancing will be observed. Once you demonstrate how your product operates, you will have to leave the premises to minimize social contact. You will then receive daily updates, or remotely witness testing of your product (if requested).

Please feel free to contact us to schedule testing of your product(s) or ask us questions about the options outlined above. We look forward to speaking with you.


Bill Bisenius

Founder and CEO


Event Date: May 11, 2020

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